Our vegetables are the next best thing to growing your own! Cultivated without pesticides and manufactured fertilizers, but with the benefit of copious quantities of horse muck and green manures. They really do taste better. Nothing is forced, nothing is hurried. They have time to absorb flavour and micro nutrients, making them taste so much better and we believe, are so much healthier for you too.

Most of our varieties are old fashioned ones proven over many years. Our carrots are “chantenay”( a very old French variety,) Charlotte and Desiree potatoes, Evesham sprouts, Sturon onions and January King cabbage. Our tomatoes are heritage varieties,like Black Krim and Courstralee, with an intense flavour that will take you back to those tomatoes in your Grandad’s greenhouse.
We like to try new things too !

We have recently grown Crosnes and Agretti and this year our new favourite Kalettes.
If you were to take a look at the growing area, you would see Statice, Ammi Majus, flowering parsley and Phacelia, in amongst the vegetables. Companion planting in this way attracts beneficial insects such as parasitic wasps and bees which in turn help us with pest control.
We are happy to sell from the farm on Fridays , and have a stall in South Molton pannier market on Thursday 0800 to 1400.

We also sell produce through Orchards farm shop at St Johns garden centre in Barnstaple.
Vegetable boxes by arrangement.

If you have any questions or enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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As promised here are a few photos of the flower arch.It all went very well. A big thank you for all the lovely flowers.
Lucy July 2016
Thank you so much the flowers were amazing. The bride was over the moon with them. They all lasted so well too which was one thing I was worried about with them being garden flowers.
Many many thanks.
As a florist I’m always on the look out for fresh local flowers and Radley Cross have them in abundance.Their selection of seasonal blooms and foliage is amazing, and I love coming to the farm to see what else is flowering. High quality and long lasting, I am always inspired by my visits.
We've given you 5 stars purely based on your Jerusalem artichokes which we bought from you yesterday. They really were to die for! Based on those and your smoked garlic, we will definitely be back again. It's so refreshing to find a fruit and veg provider who grows everything themselves with no pesticides etc. Just what we have been looking for 🙂
Gemma and Tina x
I have had several bouquets from Radley Cross.They are always stunning, fresh and long lasting, and very good value for money too.
I love Penny’s flowers when they are in season from late May through the summer and autumn.A wonderful selection of cottage garden colours and plant varieties, very fresh so they last for ages, some arranged in pretty posies,but others left for selection of your choice, and very good value into the bargain.
They are always available in South Molton pannier market on a Thursday.
Wonderfully tasty pesticide free local veg and beautiful flowers twice a week in South Molton. How lucky we are to have you!